ELLISON SALES, INC. got its start as The Ellison Company almost 50 years ago.

Bruce Ellison Fitzwater started the business in his home in 1961. He grew the company by surrounding himself with highly qualified people in the fields of engineering and design and offered improvements to sawmills, plywood mills and other related wood products industry operations. He also introduced Montgomery Hogs to our customers.

During the following years, and at the requests our customers, we began to offer an expanded product line to complement the Montgomery Hog installations and CM&E headrig slabbing chipper projects we did. These items included custom-built Acousticab Personnel Enclosures (including air conditioners and a wide range of seats), Automatic Saw Guide Controls for the headrig bandmill, Lasers to indicate  the sawline and the slab face, Log Turner Controls for hydraulic operation of the log turner valve, Pushbutton Control Handles/Joysticks to add productivity for the sawyer, Closed Circuit TV Systems for the sawyer to view operations ahead and behind his station, and Intercoms to allow the sawyer to communicate with other stations in the mill.

The Ellison Company developed into a recognized leader in our industry.

With the passing of Mr. Fitzwater in late 1981, Robert Utzinger, who was with the company since the early 1960s, took over the operations in the middle of one of the industry’s worst recessions. As president, he successfully steered the company for 22 years, until health concerns in late 2003 forced his retirement.

Dan Hardisty, who had been with the company since 1972, and his wife, Cindy, purchased most of the assets and inventory and formed ELLISON SALES, INC. with a commitment to offer the same quality products and personalized customer service that The Ellison Company had provided since 1961.

All of the above items are still a major part of our product line. We have added new products for Montgomery Hog users. We also offer used or reconditioned hogs, as well as replacement parts and repair services.

With laser experience dating back to 1972, we kicked off a new laser program, offering the latest technology, in red and green miniature diode lasers with our STREAMLINE series. We continue to offer repair services, with warranty, for all makes and models of lasers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those customers who stuck with us through this evolution and those who have since placed their trust in us. Please give us an opportunity to be of service to you.

We look forward to working with you!