Ellison Sales has lead the way in laser use in the wood products industry since 1972, when lasers were as big as the shadow lights they were replacing. Now laser lights come in both red and green, cost a fraction of those old dinosaurs, last much longer and will fit in your shirt pocket. The STREAMLINE series of laser lights has set the bar high for quality, longevity, cost effectiveness and accuracy saving inmeasurable amounts of higher value wood and profit by guiding them to more accurate cutting.

Lasers now have many more applications in the wood products industry beyond the head saw. Rip saws, trimmers, edger/gang saws and many more applications all profit from the accuracy this technology provides. If you’re cutting by guess work, call the professionals at Ellison Sales – they’ll design the right mounting system and provide the right laser to insure your cuts are right where they should be. Call us toll-free at 1-888-244-0161