Controlling Tramp Metal and insuring that it doesn’t reach your hog greatly reduce both down-time and expensive repairs. Ellison Sales can design an effective Tramp Metal reduction plan that starts before the raw material ever makes its way to a conveyor. As a factory authorized reseller for MDI, the industry’s leading metal detector company, and a specialist in conveying design and application, Ellison Sales has the experience and product knowledge to eliminate nearly all damage created by tramp metal. To develop your plan call us toll-free at 1-888-244-0161.

The TWA-2000 Multi-Sided Metal Detector, with MP-4 Digital Technology, can be built multi-sided and round aperture configurations.

The most advanced under conveyor system offered features MDI’s unrivaled MP-4 Digital Technology.
Splice Detector System

This system allows the use of a metal detector in belt conveyor installations where a metal splice is being used.