Better Parts Make Better Hogs!

Because every part Ellison manufactures from Hammers and Anvils for all KC, HD & RC series Hogs (PMKC, CSKC,
XLKC ) to complete Rotor Shaft Assembly Rebuild and Balance is time-tested and designed for long life, superior fit
and maximum profitability for your operation.

Ellison Sales manufactures only the very best parts for all sizes and styles of Montgomery, Jeffery and other leading hog and grinder companies. If you grind with it, we can probably fix it. So don’t hesitate to call Dan “The Hog Man” Hardisty toll-free at 1-888-244-0161.

So regardless of your make or model of hog, we have the parts you need! If it is just for a single replacement or for a complete rebuild we can supply all of your parts needs. So give us a Call: toll-free at 1-888-244-0161, or Email your specific part needs and let us get you back to grinding.