Ellison Sales Gives You Choices – At Ellison Sales we specialize in Hogs and offer you the choice of As-Is from our large nationwide inventory or Reconditioned with a Warranty. And you can rest assured that when Dan the Hog Man says it’s reconditioned, it’s much more than new paint. So if you need a replacement hog or if you’re adding mulch or grinding to your operation, your first call should be to Ellison Sales toll-free at 1-888-244-0161 to insure you get the right system and components to create a profitable product. From bark mulch, sawmill waste, pallet recycling to tire and other material reduction you only need one name – Ellison Sales.

In addition, Ellison offers material handling systems, related electrical and more. Check out our current inventory below.


Bulk Handling Systems DRS50.20 Disc Screen

Debris Roll Screen

Ellison 51XLKC Screen

Hog screen with 3" holes, baffles and hardfacing

Jeffrey 56WB Hog

Super rotor with 160# hammers

Eurohansa EUR-40

30hp main motor, 2hp hydraulic motor, 480VAC

Jeffrey 34WB

Good used Jeffrey 34WB hog with 100hp 1800rpm direct-coupled motor and steel subbase.

Montgomery Industries 50PM Hog Rotor

Rotor, Left Hand, 5-7/16" bearing journals, 4-7/16" drive ends. Includes (1) SAF-532 bearing assembly

General Kinematics Vibrating Conveyor

45' long x 30" wide. No nameplate, but appears to be a General Kinematics.

Montgomery Industries 18FS30-HZF BloHog

BloHog,Right Hand, 2-15/16" bearings. Includes ODP motor, v-belt drive with guard cover, vibrating infeed conveyor.

1972 Gruendler 50XD

Gruendler 50XD Wood Hog Pkg, s/n 21419, built in 1972, 59" wide x 73" across-the-shaft top infeed opening, bottom discharge, with estimated 2" to 3" square hole screen grates, mounted on steel subbase for direct coupling 350hp 885rpm 575vac motor with Falk coupling. Includes magnetic separation system.

Lamb 24 x 23 Hog

Swinghammer Hog Package, consisting of a 27" x 23" top infeed and bottom discharge hog with direct-coupled 125hp 1780rpm 230/460VAC ODP motor, all mounted on a steel subbase frame including a coupling guard cover. Hog has a 24" diameter x 23" long rotor with (12) hammers and a screen/grate with estimated 3/4" x 3" slots. 5600 lbs.

Montgomery Industries 34PM40 BloHog

Left Hand, with v-belt drive subbase. No motor. Includes banded v-belt, guard cover for belt drive, hydraulic door opener.

Montgomery Industries 75XLKC Hog

with 500hp motor, infeed hopper, elevated steel platform, infeed belt conveyor